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I believe we all understand that the natural gas from the mining or processing plants transported to the city gas distribution center or industrial enterprise users of the pipeline, also known as gas pipeline. The use of natural gas pipelines to transport natural gas is the only way to transport large quantities of natural gas on land. So how can gas be installed? And what are the natural gas pipeline installation company? We have to understand the following: Standard for the installation of natural gas pipeline and how Chongqing chuang’an gas pipeline installation company.

How Chongqing chuang’an gas pipeline installation company:

The company began 06 years, is a professional engaged in domestic special equipment “pressure pipeline” installation, transformation, maintenance of the elite team. Chongqing chuang’an pipeline installation engineering Co. Ltd. was founded, after years of experience in the installation of careful exploration, self developed a set of perfect installation technology, applicable to all kinds of special equipment installation technical requirements. At the same time set up a group of teachers, experienced team, leading the current domestic installation industry level of technology. And won the “ technological innovation research enterprise ” one of the titles. The company now has the financial strength, authority, technical strength and advanced equipment configuration, can undertake all types of special equipment “pressure pipe” system installation of the whole project. Undertake the project scope: Municipal Engineering, electrical engineering, oil and gas, gas GB and industrial GC monolithic system installation engineering (pressure vessel, oil, chemical, gas, steam, fluid medium, LNG, CNG, lcng, liquefied gas station, thermal, environmental protection series, cooling water and HVAC system etc.).

Chongqing chuang’an pipeline installation engineering Co., the company has the qualification and independent brand effect: special equipment “issued by the Bureau of quality supervision of the” gas pressure pipeline GB1 (including PE Special) and industrial GC2 license, issued by the Construction Committee of municipal engineering general contracting Sanji, mechanical and electrical installation, anti-corrosion insulation Sanji Sanji and earthwork contractor third grade quality and safety production license. Forming a complete installation qualification level of enterprises, to ensure the legality and standardization of special equipment installation and construction, which will greatly enhance the level of construction and installation company, enhance the core competitiveness and lay a solid foundation for the company’s long-term and sustainable development. The company through the ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification, environmental management standard quality management system construction project of gb\/t14001 certification, gb\/t50430 certification, occupation health and safety management system certification of gb\/t18001, and also won the famous brand and a number of honorary installation enterprises issued by the relevant departments. We will create the domestic market installation of “ &rdquo, “ integrity Chuangan; &rdquo, “ preferred Chuangan; gold project ” brand enterprise.

Standard for installation of natural gas pipelines:

1, according to the provisions of the measures for the administration of natural gas pipelines, natural gas pipeline is a natural gas pipeline installation standards requirements for indoor installation of gas stove valve must be connected or blocked, but the joint can require the installation of a valve! In accordance with the provisions of the standard installation of natural gas pipeline, gas pipeline vertical cross laying, pipe should be placed in the tubular outer; gas pipeline and other pipeline parallel cross laying, should maintain a certain distance, the distance between should be consistent with current national standards GB50028.

2, indoors can not be installed in the ground, the introduction of indoor tubes, aging, leakage and other phenomena, a long time, you need to replace the maintenance. In the city, dig 3 meters deep, place on both sides of the road underground, and as long as the quality of the outer pipe is guaranteed, it is OK to put the bottom of the sea.

3, natural gas belongs to flammable and explosive gas, if the pipeline rupture or pipe welding seam sealing is not strict, leakage of natural gas, then the consequences will be unimaginable, for safety reasons should be done pipe ditch, or buried in the ground. According to the national code for installation, design and acceptance of natural gas pipelines, Φ more than 40 of the main pipelines shall be separated from the subsidiary pipelines at 5OCM.

4, the gas pipeline construction, in order to avoid the pipe seam toward the wall, welding seam is not obvious, the pipeline should be marked in advance.

5, installation of stainless steel corrugated copper tube or in the pipeline within the shaft tube, has been carried out in complete maps and other pipeline construction, pipeline crossing partition board within the shaft should be added when the spacing between the casing and the casing pipe should be not less than 5mm.

6, buried gas copper pipe or stainless steel bellows should not contact with all kinds of metal and wire; when not to avoid, the use of insulating materials separated. The hole gas pipeline across the floor should be from the top down the hole, to determine the lower layer weight vertical hole; because the upper and lower walls of different thickness to hang on the line, should be made by the wall of sigmoid curved pipe to avoid.

7, indoor set gas pipelines and pipeline accessories should be painted, compaction after passing in inspection; steel pipe welding, in rust (see metallic luster) after painting: first of all weld brush two anti rust primer, and then in two comprehensive brushing primer and topcoat by two; galvanized steel pipe thread connection, the connection pipe should be installed after the first brush a primer, and then comprehensive brushing two topcoat.

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