Characteristics of magnesium alloy

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the development trend of the major international metal materials has undergone significant changes. The application of traditional materials such as steel, copper, lead and zinc has been slow to grow, and the light metal materials, represented by magnesium alloy,
With an annual growth rate of 20%.
Magnesium alloy can be divided into cast magnesium alloy and deformed magnesium alloy.
Mg-AI-Mn and Mg-AI-Si-Mn, Mg-AI-Zr, Mg-AI-Mn and Mg-AI-Mn, Mg-AI-Mn, Mg-
Zn-RE system.
(1) light weight: the proportion of magnesium alloy about 1.7, zinc 1/4, steel 1/5, even more than the proportion of aluminum alloy (specific gravity of about 2.7) is also light to the weight of the magnesium alloy has the following characteristics:

1 / 3.

(2) The “high strength, light weight” nature of the magnesium alloy makes it possible to replace the above materials in the traditional applications of steel, cast iron, zinc alloy and even aluminum alloys.
(3) excellent thermal conductivity, relative to the engineering plastics excellent shock absorption, better mechanical strength, impact resistance and wear resistance (1121998871212819982387

(4) anti-EMI electromagnetic wave: magnesium alloy for the non-magnetic metal, excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. 112518011211419982387

(4) anti-EMI electromagnetic wave: magnesium alloy non-magnetic metal, excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.

(5) high dimensional stability: not easy due to changes in ambient temperature and time.
(6) recyclable: magnesium alloy with 100% fully recovered characteristics, more in line with today’s environmental requirements.

(6) recyclable: magnesium alloy with 100% fully recovered characteristics, more in line with today’s environmental requirements.
If the power required for magnesium cutting is 1, then the aluminum is 1.8, brass is 2.3, cast iron is 3.5; and the proportion of light, cutting inertia is small, high-speed cutting.

Magnesium alloy is the main purpose of light weight.
At present, the application of magnesium alloy die-casting products is mainly automotive components, accounting for more than 80%, followed by 3C industry, other such as bicycles, equipment, sporting goods and aerospace defense are also within its scope of application.
Based on the excellent characteristics of magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy in the future development of a strong advantage, more in line with contemporary environmental protection, sustainable development requirements, is the best choice to replace steel and aluminum.
As the magnesium metal chemical activity, to the processing of magnesium alloy parts to bring a series of problems, hinder the promotion of magnesium alloy use.

Magnesium alloy is from the general structure of casting parts to the high-performance light alloy structure frame, sophisticated and complex application conditions in the direction of development, is being continuously promoted by the military toward the civilian, while processing technology to CNC, high-speed, automation technology direction, to the material
Preparation and component forming at the same time the direction of manufacturing; manufacturing technology to information technology, digital and design a manufacturing integration direction.
China’s magnesium alloy manufacturing technology is in a new era of change, it will be a new generation of industrial and civilian equipment development to provide more advanced materials and manufacturing technology.

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