Characteristics of beryllium ore

China first discovered two new beryllium-containing minerals.
One is fragrant stone (including Beo15.78% ~ 16.3%), in 1958 in Hunan Xianghua Ling beryllium striped rocks found; the other is Gu Jia Shi (including BeO9.49%), in 1959 in Liaoning area
A samidite associated with alkaline rocks.

Beryllium is one of the alkaline earth elements, the average content in the crust is 2.8 × 10-6.
In the magmatic rocks and sedimentary rocks, there are different degrees of distribution, in which the content of acid rock is high, the average content of beryllium in granite is 5.5 × 10-6 (Vinogradov, 1962), especially in the late stage of acid magmatic activity
The formation of granite content higher.
Found in nature there are more than 60 kinds of beryllium minerals and beryllium minerals, of which there are more than 20 kinds of common.
Mineral species to the most silicate, the distribution is also wide, followed by phosphate, only a few for the simple oxide, borate, arsenate and antimonate.
As a raw material for the preparation of beryllium, mainly beryl (including Beau9.26% ~ 14.4%), silicon beryllium stone (like spar) (including BeO43.67% ~ 45.67%), calcium silicate beryllium (including BeO39.
6% ~ 42.6%), gold and green gem (including Beau 19.5% ~ 21.5%), daylight garnet (including BeO8% ~ 14.5%).

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