Changhong mobile phone to create the world’s first ultra-thin 3000mAh battery

According to a reporter microblogging broke the news that recently Changhong mobile phone has been secretly developed in the world’s first ultra-thin 3000 mA high density polymer battery has been successfully produced and off the assembly line, spy photos of the battery thickness seems to be about 5mm,
The ability to deliver shipments, which means that the Changhong mobile phone, which has always been known as “long power”, has once again defined a new benchmark for the standby life of mobile devices.

This time on the microblogging broke the news and did not do too much on this battery to introduce, but because this has become the world’s first “ralph lauren” battery is said to have people and “incredible” and thin
3000 mA This power level is enough to make people worthy of his business value.

I simply compare the current global mobile phone manufacturers mainstream battery capacity, whether Apple, Samsung, Motorola or Nokia, they have to make the phone itself has a lightweight appearance, without exception, the battery capacity will be controlled within 1800 mAh
But with the smart phone now and the hardware configuration is getting higher and higher, and people rely on the use of smart phones more dependent, no matter how outstanding the face of the phone is still the result of “one day one charge & rdquo ;.”.. ..
This is why many of the reasons for selling a lot of cottage mobile phone, although many people do not like the appearance of cottage, but its long standby time can indeed for a wide range of business or travel convenience to bring people.

presumably Changhong mobile phone recently concentrated in the development android smart phone, but also realized that in the field of smart phones, excellent performance is almost all the user’s rigid demand, then it is in this background under the world’s first
Mobile phone batteries also appear logical.

only broke the news that the world’s first mobile phone battery next month will continue to start in many Jin Changhong smart phone equipment, and its longest standby time is expected to break through 1000 hours, of course, the only suspense is
Its price and the specific size of the specifications, if it is really the size of the battery with about 1200 mA or so, then this action will be Changhong mobile phone industry and communications equipment industry will bring a big change.

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