Ceramic tile enterprise development new trend, environmental protection product pays close attention to

[] from the real estate consumption market, China’s property market will enter the consumption type just in time. The purchase of the main housing demand is no longer dispensable, but the necessities of life, not to sell. Another obvious feature of the purchase of the main body is that the purchase of real estate is their own use, rather than real. Such consumption characteristics, ceramic tile market will inevitably have a profound impact.
Environmentally friendly products are more popular
In recent years, China’s consumer awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, the voice of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, consumption is to environmental protection as an important factor in whether to buy the product. Building will bid farewell to the era of real estate, decoration also bid farewell to casual and careless, just need will be paving tile products environmental issues mentioned unprecedented heights.
Durability is the last word
Just to be consumer groups have an obvious characteristic is: it is not very good, many consumers seem than other groups pay special attention to the new house decoration, they often don’t even plan to will be renovated, so another important requirement for ceramic tile is solid and durable &rdquo “.
Experts pointed out that now large manufacturers of brand tiles are basically able to meet the consumer demand for durable, especially high temperature calcination technology and application of multi overlapping glaze 1200 C make ceramic tile performance greatly enhanced, market sales of wood can be used – live for twenty years and the quality.
Visible durable tiles will be an important reason for consumers just need to consider the times.
Wood brick market more fire
Just need to get married, or will soon be married after 80 for the consumer, the main consumer groups with their own obvious features, that is, mostly with a little so-called “petty bourgeoisie” romantic. According to the reporter learned that the investigation in the choice of materials, to get married this year after 80, decorate the house with a lot of people use wood blocks, and ready to get married after 80 also said it will use wood blocks, and to give priority to Sen huomu. What is the reason for this?
Expert analysis: on the one hand, most of them tend to like wood, it brings the natural breath and relaxed feeling; on the other hand, the post-80s generation, generally with a little lazy, in doing housework, they hope to save the province, try to do less. Therefore, they will use wood grain brick, which has both wood grain texture, and easy to handle cleaning products.
Therefore, it is not difficult to judge that in the coming time just need, wood brick or usher in a better sales opportunity, will sell more fire.

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