Ceramic industry in 2015 does not need so much thinking and doctrine

[in 2014, looking back, the beauty of the moment disappeared, and time ran faster than Cao Cao. This year, the ceramics industry people live very tired. Physically tired, do not complain, everything in the “ brick ” in the heart of the tired, or have to spray a spray, hoping to work quietly next year.
Ceramic industry is a very turbulent industry, praise only with the age of interest; “ to maintain a high degree of consistency; ” all ceramic enterprises, all ceramic people can fly happily with the pigs in the sky. But &ldquo will be damp, wet, wet; ” cold will be cold, disease, disease will be very tired, tired get lost, will die.
For example, fire ceramic industry a year “ Internet thinking ” big economy, some industry experts and scholars of all, some still in the belly of a quack, is lined up broken shell. Unfortunately, “ &rdquo network; signs and seemed to be “ as the spring breeze comes suddenly, presumably ” “ &rdquo experts who became pregnant; a second type of Internet thinking big economy to a sad brick die. Who said this is good or bad? No! These gadgets, experts and scholars to do? Pro! With confusion and impulse of thinking of the Internet, while waiting for “ &rdquo, thinking of the Internet of things; our brain hole is immune to be stuffed into the explosion.
“ 3.0” did not play enough not to play well, and from the 4 rock drill out, than the bite of Apple updates faster. “ manufacturing transition to the intelligent ” which is the essential content of the 4 industry, which I don’t understand, why the ceramic industry to make industrial 4? In ceramic tile production, life, inkjet printing machine leather packaging industry packaging machine leather printing industry. &hellip & hellip; intelligent; intelligent plant production of ceramic enterprises, including now online orders to buy Bricks for intelligent logistics, these years we are not “ 4.0” a? Can abruptly put the strategic definition of national level tall on the move in the ceramic industry, with a new attitude to show the fact that we had been doing the thing that will scare the people worry.
… …
There are those of a micro marketing big data ah ah ah, cross-border thinking, the broad and profound Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon “ ” ceramic industry is still raging, is far from being shrimp shrimp will they digest, not even enough foreplay, and a lot of students don’t seem to accept not to know, the new concept of the new trend of ceramics the enterprise is going bankrupt ceramic people will like unemployment. Have to say, these gadgets for many ceramic enterprises in many ceramics caused a panic, even confused me; for I did not have any mission, but also deeply feel that the ceramic industry of this wave of new stuff like high school that faces the following papers, let Alexander.
In the face of the wave of “ tall ” we have to sigh, time can run faster than Liu Xiang, or take the intellectual glasses to reflection under the new thinking of the ceramic industry overcapacity, asymmetric development or new thinking and industry? Very tide is something new is certain the ceramic industry needs and urgent need? Is “ cloud ” mode is the future mode of production and life, the ceramic industry must now run in America in front of with “ &rdquo, &ldquo cloud brick; brick; sell cloud ”?
Marx said: everything from reality! This way the ceramic industry is very useful, from reality to absorb to accept to know new things, otherwise, too many choices, everyone is tired. Looking forward to 2015, we will sell more bricks and live more green tiles!

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