Ceramic enterprises open first strike: good customer marketing

[we know], in the ceramic enterprise marketing, big customer marketing is particularly important, big customers bring ceramic enterprise profits are often accounted for 80% of all customer profits, 20\/80 theory is very applicable. And compared to the company’s various marketing strategies, big customer marketing for the beginning is very important. If it starts well, then it will be a lot smoother. On the contrary, the beginning is not good, it will be a lot of difficulties later. So, for large customers, the upstream enterprises in ceramics should pay attention to what? How will the beginning be more conducive to the next step?
Preparatory work
Before starting big customer marketing \/ visit, we must carry on information collection and analysis, and provide a solid foundation for the development of key account marketing strategy. Information collection includes:
First, the major customers of ceramic industry, such as trends, competition, the status of big customers in the industry;
Second, the organization of major customers, such as organizational structure, the procurement of ceramic upstream products, decision-making processes;
Third, senior client (decision maker) situation, such as his background information, concerns, his influential people and so on;
Fourth, big customer problems (relating to the products you sell);
Fifth, before the big customer and your company contacts (if any);
Sixth, your own marketing products and your company’s situation analysis;
Seventh, analysis of your competitors;
Develop strategies and plans
On the basis of information collection and analysis, formulate a suitable marketing strategy and plan for key accounts. In the marketing strategy, there are 6 key elements, marketing planners need to pay attention to:
1, marketing strategy personnel should make clear who is the influence of purchase, that is, what are the characteristics of customer enterprise for purchasing decision maker?.
2, we should make clear their strengths in marketing strategy. Always pay attention to possible problems when you are selling. Once you find a problem, you should first identify the problem, then use your strengths to solve the problem, and ensure that the marketing strategy can be successfully carried out.
3, pay attention to the feedback model. In the process of communication with customers, always pay attention to customer feedback, the feedback from our customers continue to verify their original customer judgment, finally to successful marketing for the customer to the conclusion. If you do not pay attention to customer feedback, marketing personnel often pay a lot of energy and time, but not the desired results.
4, we must clear the standard of winning. Including the standard of winning and the standard of winning. Only by defining the standards of customer success can we successfully communicate with customers to achieve successful sales.
5, ideal customer. In the face of many types of customers, marketers should be good at deciding which ones are ideal customers. Only in this way can sales be successful once and for all, and have greater opportunities for success.
6 funnel principle. Marketing personnel in the face of enterprise issued high sales indicators, often feel to complete more difficult. In this case, sales staff can not neither customer view difficult, hard to accept the task, but also should not easily require enterprises to reduce sales targets. The correct method is, marketing personnel will be &ldquo and &rdquo bargaining; enterprises;, requires more resources reasonably to the enterprise, to ensure that they can fulfill the task.
Start a job
In the beginning, pay attention to 2 points:
1, in the beginning of the basic marketing work (such as purchasing contact \/ talk with the technical department), we should start (promote) the relationship with senior customer (decision maker), that is to deal with them. Many marketing personnel often make mistakes: only with the general staff of large customers contact, not to, or ignore, and big customer high level work. As a result, it takes a lot of time, effort, and even money to get a low level of relationship.
In practice, this often happens: a marketing person (or a company) who has been doing business with a big customer for a long time seems to have a good relationship. But after the competitors changed a marketing staff, they easily took the single. Why? Very common reason is: before the marketing staff, and the sales staff, are doing low-level relationship, and lost. And sales of sales staff, many of the big customer senior (decision maker) relationship, it is easy to win.
From here, we can sum up: only the most important business management decisions of customers, enterprises, it is possible to carry out successful marketing. For marketers, the most important decision maker of a customer enterprise is not the president of the enterprise, but the top decision-maker associated with a specific project. Such people are known as very important senior officials and are the most critical people for marketers, even more important than the president of a client enterprise. If a marketing person can meet such people and communicate effectively, then the chances of success in marketing will increase enormously.
2, big customer senior (decision maker) relationship, to do, must do well, otherwise it will play a counter role. On this point, you can click on “ how to maintain relationships with top customers in big customer marketing &rdquo!
Finally, it is important to note that the beginning of big customer marketing is important, but the key is the information collection, analysis, and strategy and plan formulation. Only after doing these work, can we find a good starting point, and according to plan, steps to promote major customer marketing work, and at the same time with high level to maintain good relations, big customer marketing can be twice the result with half the effort.
With the development of the ceramic industry, ceramic products will be upstream of the final price difference, such as the only difference between about 10-15%, customers will eventually choose big brands and have long-term cooperation of ceramic enterprises, ceramic enterprises to do big client strategy than blind development of channels to the market grows stronger, in ceramics more stable!

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