Ceramic dealers rely on what life?

[] what &ldquo really think ” for dealers, distributors; “ to understand the real needs of ” and “ effective in helping dealers ” &ldquo, ” manufacturers achieve win-win situation, the vast majority of real sense; but stay in the sense of “ slogan ” stage. Today, there are still manufacturers in the search for the teacher to the dealer class, but also the purpose of the class is located in “ brainwashing &rdquo. Who has seriously considered the future for dealers?
Who exactly is the market?
Early firm relationships were simple.
The main job of the dealer is to choose goods and make money. The main task of the manufacturer is to sell and deliver the goods to the dealer. The dealer will not find manufacturers to what value-added services, which do not require dealers must cooperate with the manufacturers how, two money goods, basically belongs to a relatively simple trade relations.
Later, by the impact of some enterprises in Taiwan, manufacturers began to think about a problem, who is the market?
Ordinarily, the main function is the manufacturer responsible for the production and promotion of the brand, the dealer is responsible for the regional sales work, each division. Some manufacturers feel that the management of this market should be in their own hands, and not simply to the goods to dealers, dealers to manipulate the market.
As a result, various means of dealing with dealers have “ snake playing with sticks, ”.
The so-called market such as precision farming, flat channel, split large dealers, making the price system, strictly Cuanhuo, set up resident business management institutions, recycling market activities of the administration and so on, or in the original price system is simple in operation, plus all kinds of purchase prizes, play money, value-added stage promotion, year-end rebate pattern — — of course is fleece.
At the same time, manufacturers have begun to clear dealers annual sales tasks and incremental rate, and some strong manufacturers will even force dealers to complete fixed fixed amount of money.
More and more manufacturers believe that the market management must focus on their own hands, the dealer is only a sales tool, although dealers borrow resources, whether it is not a phase, as long as the dealer is no longer suitable for the development of factory, not exactly the same, for a!
Who has seriously considered the future for dealers?
How to earn more money dealers, more effectively fooled stronger dealers, dealer management, manufacturers in this skill and innovation is become aggravated, and grow with each passing day, the famous consulting firm “ ” Masters guidance and personally help, is a tiger with wings added.
The early effect of such an operation pattern is immediate and obvious. These have tasted the sweetness of the manufacturers, naturally go unswervingly down. What &ldquo really think ” for dealers, distributors; “ to understand the real needs of ” and “ effective in helping dealers ” &ldquo, ” manufacturers achieve win-win situation, the vast majority of real sense; but stay in the sense of “ slogan ” stage. Today, there are still manufacturers in the search for the teacher to the dealer class, but also the purpose of the class is located in “ brainwashing &rdquo.
Who owns the management of the market?
But dealers aren’t vegetarian either. After the manufacturers increasingly become aggravated, their consciousness began to wake up. They are also thinking, who is the ownership of the market?
Every distributor in the local market, every terminal, every group of customers, I built up a little bit. And your manufacturer’s products and brands, in the local market recognition and sales, but also my dealer spent so many years of energy and investment, a little bit of doing. This is something your manufacturer can not deny.
Since the market is what I do, the management of the market should certainly be in my hands, your factory as long as good production work, quality assurance, and do a good job of brand publicity work. How do I market, than you know, what are the policy input to me, let me do the best in your factory operation, gesturing.
Now the problem is: manufacturers want to highly control on the market, want to become dealers for their highly loyal subordinates, and even sales tools; and dealers to establish the operating system they can control, the manufacturers of brands and products, channels and customers are all in control, free on their own sites on.
Manufacturers and dealers believe that the management of the market should be in their own hands, so they pinch off the shelves. Manufacturers complain that the dealer awareness backward, short-sighted, mercenary, no global view and strategic thinking, to manufacturers with the market Baba insatiably avaricious, stingy; dealers complain that manufacturers regardless of the actual situation, only know to Yahuo fight, always still overhead themselves, even directly out of the new dealers.
In fact, both sides are not wrong. Manufacturers want to be the industry leader, the local dealer want to head snake, both sides want to prove to each other: I was right, I listen to the right! In the teeth of the storm, the contradictions become irreconcilable, both sides will be in contradiction, suspicion and complaints barely maintain cooperative relations, trudged forward, wasted a lot of energy and resources.
Both sides of the business form is different, the profit orientation is not the same. Manufacturers earn is strategic profits, emphasizing the development of, and dealers earn is tactical profits Duanpingkuai love. Money earned is not the same, the form of operation can butt on it? Development concept can be the same?
What dealers settle down?
Now, more and more dealers begin to realize a problem: only a few best-selling products, or near a big brand, follow a few big manufacturers, in fact, are not reliable. After all, they cannot grasp the initiative, everything can only lead the most just manufacturers, and will follow, with more and more tired.
The factor that keeps dealers alive and continues to grow must be something that is completely within the hands of the dealer. So, what is this?
At the same time, some dealers began to think of a more profound question, what is the fundamental distributors to settle down? The upper reaches of the brand and product manufacturers, they said take away; downstream channels and customers are open, who can do. So what can dealers do to control it?
I am a dealer, business leisure industry also love pondering this their place. In the fighting between manufacturers and dealers, manufacturers want to do, I don’t know; but if the standing dealer perspective, on how to ensure their local market control problems, but I have some experience:
1, dealers brand
The dealer’s understanding of the brand still basically stays in the brand understanding stage of the manufacturer, and often takes the famous brand on the side to be proud, but what actually do is some for others to do the work of marrying the clothes. How many dealers have considered doing their own brand?
Many people don’t think clearly, the manufacturers of the products brand is just a temporary loan to their ownership in the family, the manufacturer, you don’t rely on this was not something that belongs to you with golden rice, this is not reliable! See jiaduobao will know, as a warning for the future, these four words are too big.
Therefore, in cooperation with manufacturers at the same time, we must help manufacturers brand strength, the establishment of dealers own company brand, to achieve double brand operations.
The so-called double brand, that is, manufacturers brand and dealer brand integration, the use of manufacturers brand advantages, bring out their own brand. To gradually mature after operation, we should establish a company brand based on its own, manufacturers, brands, supplemented by the situation.
2. Accumulate local resources
Among the many resources owned by the dealers, the understanding of the local market and the accumulation of local social resources are the highest in gold content. After all, the market gap in China is too large, and there is very little national marketing strategy. Because of the lack of laws and regulations and the disparity in law enforcement, in some places, a meal can fix things, and changing places often leads to market collapse!
At this time, dealers in the local accumulation of enormous social resources will be able to play a valuable. These social resources, the ability to break out, not only manufacturers will have scruples, I’m afraid the new dealer intends to pick up the pinch also pinch the thigh bar.
3, do not be “ Porter ”
In theory, there is a division of labor between the manufacturer and the dealer. But from the point of view of the trend, the manufacturer’s control of the market is bound to be gradually deepened. As this kind of heavyweight Kangshifu company, to market firmly in their own hands, so the distributor function has been gradually weakened, and finally reduced to “ ” a logistics distribution business, earn a delivery fee. Of course, to cooperation like this, manufacturers were “ pass” also is every minute thing, this is the reality version of the &ldquo ” warm boiled frog;!
If you don’t want to sit still, the dealer will in the vendors, the initiative to undertake more cooperation of division of labor. Don’t take the easy way, that manufacturers do better, but to stand up and take the initiative to undertake some work such as design, marketing and promotional activities, market research, KA negotiation, portfolio allocation, setting budget etc..
The more dealers take the initiative, the greater the initiative in cooperation. At the same time, for their own business team and operating system, but also a direct technical ability and application of the category of synchronous lifting.
4, build operating system
Many dealers are now in a mess, and there is very little systematic procedure to run the market.
Take inventory of this one, some dealers have their own warehouse management system, warehouse has what all don’t know, a year sales of about ten million but there is no profit, that money go? Are missing in the gap in the management system.
Cost is the lifeblood of dealers, building a good operating system can effectively reduce costs. The operation system can effectively integrate all the resources, including manufacturers, products, markets, teams, backstage teams, distribution channels and logistics systems, and so on. Under this system, each link will be effectively controlled, and the operation cost can be effectively reduced.
Eventually, all manufacturers’ brands and products will eventually become a replaceable tool resource, and a single manufacturer has been unable to shake the overall operating system. Even if some manufacturers interrupt their cooperation, dealers can quickly start backup substitutes.

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