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Cement paint is a new product of the engineering construction, when the beam, floor, walls and other concrete severe trachoma, cement paint products can be on the surface, at the same time, has a good effect on the plugging. The following small series for everyone to introduce cement paint construction notes and cement paint characteristics.

Precautions for construction of cement paint

1, before use, you must read the product manual, easy to complete the construction, there will be a reliable and satisfactory coating effect.

2. Open windows during construction to ensure ventilation during construction.

3, if the cement paint will be allergic to, in the construction of the belt with protective equipment, if accidentally infected with the eye, should immediately rinse with water.

4, do not let children into the construction area, the product will not be accessible to children anyway.

5, in cleaning the construction site, do not mess construction site, in accordance with the order, and so on after drying according to the construction of emulsion paint construction sequence to operate.

Characteristics of cement paint

1 、 quick drying, bright color, strong weatherability, bright luster;

2, water resistance, alkali resistance is good;

3. The film is firm and flexible;

4, cement surface adhesion is very strong.

Cement paint action

Cement paint is mainly used for concrete, precast concrete, adhesive and other occasions, it is a high light reflection performance, the roadside stone, road signs, road dividing line made traffic safety has higher performance.

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