Cement floor sand causes, cement ground sand how to do 0?

Cement ground sand lifting in construction is a serious problem, will lead to dust in the air a lot, the total sweep of the ground is not clean, and even more sweeping more, affecting the appearance, seriously affecting the normal use of the ground. Next, we will introduce the cement floor sand causes and cement sand.

Causes of cement surface sanding

1, the ratio of water ash: when concrete mixing, too much water, leading to the concrete surface bleeding, reduce the strength of concrete surface.

Excessive vibration in the construction process, 2 pound: increased concrete surface bleeding, lead to concrete surface strength low

3, improper maintenance: there is no timely conservation, in the sun exposure, resulting in a large number of dirt surface water loss, low strength.

How about cement sand?

1, if the overall strength of the ground is not good

Need to re laying the quality requirements of the concrete ground, for product design, raw materials, construction processes and later maintenance of all aspects of strict control.

2, if only a few millimeters of surface cement mortar or concrete strength is not enough

The ground can be ground with a sander, and the sand and loose parts of the ground will be thoroughly polished until the hard ground is exposed, and then the epoxy floor paint is painted.

3, in view of the above two cases, we can use Han Sheng concrete fortifier H800 hardening treatment on the surface to improve the surface density and abrasion resistance, lasting effect.

Cement ground maintenance

1, conservation methods

For the mechanical laying of concrete ground, you can use spray test curing agent for moisture coverage.

2, covering maintenance

You can use moisturizing film, bags, straw bags cover to protect the ground sprinkler, ensure the concrete surface is always in a wet state.

3, maintenance time

For less than 85% of the design compressive strength, pay special attention to the first ten days to maintain moisture conservation, the general maintenance time of about 10-20 days, the heat of the case, at least 15 days.

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