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The cabinet is indispensable to modern life ware Home Furnishing in the kitchen, a lot of people love to buy their choice of cabinet after the installation, the installation is also a lot of people do not understand, the installation process is an important step in the installation of cabinets installed, you must pay attention to the installation issues, these are all you need to know when installed in the cabinet here, Xiaobian to tell you the installation process and cabinet installation considerations in detail.

Cabinet installation process

一般整体Cabinet installation process需要两名安装技师,橱柜进场后将按照地柜、吊柜、台面、龙头、水盆、灶具、电器的顺序进行安装测量地面水平,保证地柜的稳定性。

1, ground cabinet: before installing the cabinet, must measure the ground level, so as to ensure the stability of the cabinet. The kitchen floor should be thoroughly swept to facilitate measurement. Draw a horizontal line on the wall to ensure the expansion bolt level.

2, the cabinet cabinet installation: after installation can be installed in the upper cabinets, installing a countertop, in order to ensure the expansion bolt level, need to draw the horizontal line on the wall, generally horizontal lines and the surface distance is 650 mm in height, consumers can according to their own situation, the distance between the adjustment cabinet with the cabinet to the foreman, to facilitate the use of the day after. When installing a countertop also needs to be connected by the connectors to ensure the connection of the cabinet body. The cabinet is installed, we must adjust the cabinet level, the appearance of the cabinet level and not directly affect the cabinet.

3, the table is generally: the cabinet table cabinet and the cabinet after the installation is completed in further confirmation measurement. Install after the product has been formed. It is easy to adjust the cabinet and the cabinet table error may occur after installation.

4, hardware: basin, faucet, pull basket is also the focus of the cabinet. Company introduction renderings in the installation and cabinet table, in order to avoid falling into the basket for wood track application covering covering basket, so as not to affect the day after use.

5, kitchen appliances: embedded electrical cabinet in the installation site only need to open the power supply hole, but the hole can not open too small, so the later maintenance is not convenient disassembly.

Cabinet installation notes

1, to determine whether a cabinet installation is qualified, mainly to see two aspects, namely edge banding and seams. The edge includes: the edge of the cabinet, the edge of the door plate and the edge of the table surface; the joint includes: the cabinet body joint, the door crack, the table top and the cabinet body joint, the joint of the table surface and the wall body, and the joint of the table top and the cooker, the water trough, etc..

2, lampblack machine installation should maintain level, firmly fixed on the wall or connecting board, must not loose or shake; smoke machine bottom and mesa middle distance is 700mm, too high will affect smoking effect.

3, safety is very important. Therefore, all drawers and baskets should be drawn freely, without obstruction, and all cabinets exposed acute angle must be blunt, metal parts can be touched in the position of sanding treatment, burr and acute angle are not allowed.

4, the cabinet, cabinet to the relative level, sheet no jumpedge, off angle. Open the cupboard door and put your head in and smell what it smells like. The bad plates taste very heavy.

5, the formal installation site should pay attention to civilized construction. To clean up the site, remove debris before construction; in the construction products and pay attention to the protection of the scene, promptly clean up the garbage, do not let sawdust and smoke everywhere, do not smoke smoke lampblack machine from open customer; finally installed, to clean up the sawdust in the cabinet and the dust, and then clean up the cabinet appearance and the table. Finally, clean up the site, leaving the collection of packaging and construction after the garbage, and take away.

以上关于Cabinet installation process以及Cabinet installation notes就简单介绍到这里了,希望对大家有帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

Cabinet cabinet installation

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