Brief analysis of the five pandemic trend of 2015 ceramic tile products

[] in the innovation and change of the times, people on the decorative tiles of the increasingly high demand, forcing the ceramic tile manufacturers to accelerate the pace of new product development, and constantly introduce new products, to meet the different needs of consumers. In recent years, the international ceramic tile market appeared five kinds of trends, small for everyone to see it one by one!
1. shock type
The tiles are heavily colored, such as gold and black, bright green and purplish red. Each tile has a strikingly different design and color, and is very popular with architects and consumers seeking individuality.
2. nostalgic conservatism
The ceramic tile with beige and blue tones, the design tendency in Fourteenth Century thirteen, the church pattern of European palace retro clothing pattern and ancient Greek portraits, from composition to color are generous, customers belong to the conservative character of the middle class, they just find rules well behaved, not deviant.
3. active and aggressive type
This tile is focusing on the sense of the times, the pattern to wrinkle wove, color with red wine, dark green and dark blue, in particular the convex line design, can adjust the color with the indoor light, can produce very strong stereo feeling. As a result, two – and thirty year old young people are attracted by freshness.
4. gentle feminine type
The ceramic tile with a soft pink blue, pink color, pattern with flower series match feathers, absolutely feminine, highly mature women especially the middle-aged women of all ages.
5. young administrative type
The design of this tile is beautiful, soft pink color bias or lighter series, book taste is heavy, not too eye-catching, with the young more than 30 year old identity management, so that they fall in love at first sight.

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