Brands into the main direction of the floor, enterprises need to achieve the ultimate product

Flooring industry as China’s building materials industry in the development of relatively early home industry, after nearly thirty years of history after the precipitation, and now the industry is still mature trend of development. Many enterprises have a certain degree of advantage in the hardware nowadays, the direction of market competition has been transferred to the service and brand soft power, brand building as the current number of enterprises to the direction of development, has become the enterprise’s core force.
Brand building affects the development of flooring enterprises
In the information age, the Internet has profoundly changed people’s way of life, at the same time, the flooring industry is also undergoing enormous changes. The floor for enterprises, the development form of floor enterprise will change, development plans change, marketing as well as the starting point of brand building will change, and this change, in addition to the impact by the Internet era, also has a close relationship with the current market competition environment.
In the brand building on the road, the building floor brand way is usually, through large-scale advertising campaigns and promotional activities, let consumers know the brand, and then through the narrow, targeted to inform and promotion, which is reduced by the audience, the continuous promotion and activity. The formation of reputation. Until the formation of loyalty, and then achieve the purpose of good brand association, and eventually form a reputation.
Flooring enterprises need to support the brand products
However, in the Internet era, the traditional brand building methods can not keep pace with the pace of enterprise development. In this era of abnormal replacement speed, and want to raise the efficiency of brand building up, you need to achieve the acme of product. So, how should the enterprise achieve the acme of perfection?
First of all, small and exquisite. If a floor enterprise launched dozens of products, to achieve the ultimate “ ” very difficult, but if one year only launched several products, to put their money in these products, to create exquisite, the only feeling, you can achieve the ultimate product, is very popular consumer favorite.
Secondly, define the boundary. Brands must have boundaries, a brand can only represent a certain consumer groups, but not all consumers, so there is a certain definition and choice. Brands need to correspond to relative consumer groups, and if your product is used by older people, your brand positioning is associated with the classical European aristocracy, which is the most obvious mistake.
Once again, rapid innovation and upgrading. Any customer does not want to see the same product every ten years. Furniture enterprise R & D products should be combined with the current trend, and in combination with the characteristics of the current consumer groups, developed the amount of furniture products consumers want.
Therefore, the floor enterprise can only start with more than one, and maximize the product to the maximum extent, and the enterprise can win in the fierce market competition.

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