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Floor is our modern decoration in every household are essential products, and the market floor brands are numerous, different brands have different characteristics. Always let us pick hualiaoyan, here we have to introduce Rafael: Fulin floor is good and floor maintenance knowledge.

Rafael Fulin floor is good:

Rafael, the European Renaissance art one of the works of the three, the gathering house long, affectionate, with a gentle and elegant charm is at the top of the ideal art honor, formed its own unique style, on behalf of the people advocating aesthetic taste, a good example for future generations of classicists far beyond reach. Located in Rafael’s philosophy is a popular new Platon doctrine, is the main piece of beauty is neither dying nor born forever, but also artistic pursuit of ideal beauty creation. In the artistic creation of humanists, more attention is paid to the discovery of the beauty of life, and they all have realistic beauty in all the artistic descriptions. In the creation of Rafael’s Madonna, always to pursue beauty, happiness, and flawless and perfect with his mother and lovers more spiritual temperament and image. Rafael is very good at the use of curve shape image, character combination, posture, dress, folds were formed by various curves of different length, giving the viewer a full, smooth and high sense of harmony.

1, Rafael Fulin floor appreciation handed floating process

In fifteenth Century, the Renaissance, in Europe, the royal family of popular murals, embossed effect of the perfect interpretation, handed down craftsmen craft, as the carving of treasures as a result of the artistic effect of grain. Unique yanchuang pure hand carpenter bump undulating art, retains the natural texture of traditional products clear, at the same time by hand coloring process color carpenter special completely miserable wood texture, artistic effect is more prominent, more clear and natural texture, more subtle. There are ancient lifelike and hazy, as long as the years, unique charm.

2, Rafael Fulin floor appreciation hand cut lines process handed down

Pure hand carved carpenter in texture, wood wood fiber duct carefully crafted, sandblasting, brush and other fine processing, the formation of natural texture effect so clear, to the wood fiber hole, delicate texture clear. Specially painted by hand, the floor color is well arranged, with a special touch, exquisite and distinguished.

Floor maintenance knowledge:

1. solid wood flooring maintenance

Solid wood flooring in the production process does not involve the use of glue, and solid wood flooring is not containing formaldehyde emissions of the floor, it is very suitable for the floor decoration. However, because the whole wood floor is wood production, its characteristic is very fragile, a floor is also the most difficult to take care of all the floor classification. In order to extend the life of solid wood flooring, in maintenance will have to work hard, solid wood flooring maintenance generally use floor wax for maintenance, general frequency of two times a year is the best. Of course, for the health of the family, when choosing floor wax, also try to choose natural floor wax.

2. bamboo flooring maintenance

Bamboo flooring is a kind of environmental protection nowadays. It is also because bamboo flooring is a natural material that makes the bamboo floor vulnerable to changes in the weather environment. The maintenance of the bamboo floor is also relatively troublesome, and the maintenance of the bamboo floor can be directly cleaned with a clean broom.

3., solid wood composite flooring maintenance

Poor water resistance of solid wood flooring, not easy to use a damp cloth or water wipe, also cannot use wet dishcloth or mop cleaning, parquet care is still relatively simple, wipe with a dry cotton mops, if stained with stains, reoccupy cotton mop wrung application neutral cleaning solvents to clean after cleaning.

Edit summary: Rafael Fulin floor is good and floor maintenance knowledge is introduced to here, hope can help to you, for more information please pay attention to regulating the family network.

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