Brand optimization and upgrading, paint enterprises or Nirvana rebirth

[see] 2015 is coming soon, and it is foreseeable that next year’s paint market will be more fierce competition. On the one hand, with the consumer demand for home improvement is higher, the market just need to increase, for enterprises, this is a very good opportunity for development, while on the one hand, the market will paint the influx of more new competitors, homogenization, the price war will inevitably exacerbate the vicious competition. Therefore, 2015 will be both opportunities and challenges of the year, paint enterprises must have all the preparation, and brand upgrades may be the enterprise “ Nirvana rebirth &rdquo key.
Optimize the brand system to solve the bottleneck of development
Brand system optimization is to optimize the brand or image of an enterprise. In the brand image as a whole unchanged, optimize the image of enterprises, the purpose is to further enhance the visibility of enterprises.
Brand is an intangible asset, is an important component of the enterprise core, excellent brand can give consumers a good first impression, and the first impression can determine the enterprise’s potential. But the paint enterprise in the process of entrepreneurship is full of all kinds of difficulties, the most easily overlooked is the corporate image planning, brand design and marketing positioning, and so on. When the enterprise develops to a certain extent, when it meets the bottleneck, it will understand that the bottleneck that hinders the development of the enterprise is the brand image of the enterprise that had been neglected.
With personality, brand and practical experience stand out
In such an era of big information explosion, how consumers receive information, paint companies how to convey information through their own brands?. The first is to attract the attention of consumers. Increase the visibility of your brand so that consumers will notice it. However, a large number of brands, there will always be some coating brands were suppressed by competitors, consumers also lack freshness, naturally will gradually fade out of people’s vision.
In nature, birds attract the attention of the opposite sex by feather and song, so as to gain the priority of breeding offspring. In the era of knowledge economy, attention has become the precursor of business opportunities, and whoever can cause widespread attention will be able to take the lead. For paint companies, personality brands are like feathers and songs of birds.
Especially when 80, 90 new generation of consumer groups rising current, paint enterprises is the most important thing is to optimize the actual experience of the brand. If the coating business can meet the needs of the new generation of young consumers in the actual experience, and show the charm of the dominant brand, it will naturally have a good reputation, it will continue the brand legend.
In short, in the future competition, coating enterprises must constantly improve their own development, brand optimization and upgrading is imperative. You know, consumers have become more and more rational, paint companies only continue to do a good job of the user experience, to meet the spiritual needs of consumers, so that in order to occupy a stable place in the market competition.

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