[brand information] what about Forbo linen floor, Forbo linen floor price 0?

With the improvement of living standards, and constantly improve people’s aesthetic consciousness, in our home decoration floor was used more and more, because the floor material use, the floor price differs very far. Now let’s introduce the Forbo linen floor and the price of the Forbo linen floor.

What about the Forbo linen floor?

The Forbo linen floor is evaluated by LCA (life cycle assessment) in the collection, production, transportation, use, and abandonment of raw materials. The dream Fanli floor set high quality, durable, beautiful and fashionable in a body, received authority certification of environmental protection all over the world, and is widely applied in the world famous buildings, including the White House in Washington, Reichstag building, Buckingham Palace, Moscow Kremlin, Moscow University of Paris, Alcatraz Island in the United States, Oslo, the new theater, … ….

Forbo dream Fanli flax green floor made of one hundred percent pure natural raw materials, ingredients including linseed oil, wood powder, rosin, natural mineral pigments, limestone and jute, is a real floor derived from nature, adhering to the traditional process, and production to the production process and the concept of modernization, has been widely used in the many domestic and commercial areas, accounting for more than 65% of the global sales floor. Forbo’s product not only has a beautiful appearance, innovative design, but also has a long service life and high quality performance.

Forbo dream Fanli floor new products surface have been HeGII shield 2 represents the surface treatment, the double UV cured coating brings is really suitable for use in the real life environment of the floor, and it can help the user to minimize the maintenance cost of the ground.

Two, Forbo linen floor price

Forbo currently has more than 300 floor style, the membrane is homogeneous, single structure, main specifications are 2.0mm*2m*32m, 2.5mm*2m*32m, 3.2mm*2m*32m, 4.0mm*2m*32m. Forbo linen floor price with specifications, use, origin and other differences, but generally Forbo linen floor price of 170 yuan \/ square meter.

Three, Forbo linen floor display of other performance

In addition to the excellent properties mentioned above, Forbo’s Linen floor is superior in other ways. In load-bearing, Forbo floor using the German advanced double lock slot technology, said the weight reached EN586 standard; in the non slip, slip grade R9 level; in anti-static, anti-static floor Forbo reach level EN1081 standard, static dissipative resistance is 1-106< R1< 1-108Ω Forbo; cork layer ad hoc floor play a role of mute noise, sound-absorbing performance of the EN ISO 717-2 standard. In addition, Forbo flax floor also has the characteristics of resistance to bacterial reproduction, easy maintenance, chemical resistance, etc., not only domestic, very practical, hospitals, schools, offices and other public places, is also a good choice.

Editor’s summary: Forbo linen floor, and Forbo linen floor price introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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