Brand crisis layer out of the floor, how the enterprise “crisis” fear?

[Abstract] in recent years, with the gradual maturity of the flooring industry, brand influence has gradually become the core competitiveness of flooring enterprises. However, due to the weakness of consumer awareness of brand, brand influence will be affected by many factors. This causes the brand crisis to kill the floor enterprise brand image “ killer ” in the white hot.
In the information age, brand communication is of great importance
With the Internet tide raging hit, make the floor brand into the prone stage, especially with the development of information technology, the network environment appears many new changes, the rapid expansion of the blog, micro-blog, WeChat, Internet and other media, which greatly reduces the cost of communication and access to information. In such a &ldquo hit by the Internet; virtual space ” “ good things do not go out; bad news travels ” becomes a matter of course.
In a hot and competitive environment, brand image is a positive factor to drive sales of products, but no one can exclude the unexpected factors that may happen. Brand image is a crucial part of the floor to enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, but the development of anything is not the brand crisis can be divided Everything is going smoothly., which cause the quality problems, false advertising, property disputes, a little attention, may face floor enterprise brand crisis “ &rdquo attack;.
To cope with the brand crisis, enterprises need to start from many places
In the face of the brand crisis of sorts, floor enterprise if not timely responsemeasures, may directly lead to corporate brand by the market, and even destroy the phagocytosis disappeared, the impact of the crisis is far more than that, it will cause a lack of brand trust, sales fell sharply, brand reputation and influence have hit. Flooring enterprises in such a crisis ridden environment, how to highlight “ tight encirclement ” become the current floor enterprises need vigilance and early prevention of the main issues.
The first wood floor enterprise must have the crisis management framework, many large-scale enterprises should have crisis management measures, through the establishment of a crisis management team to study and formulate crisis management plans and arrangements; secondly, there must be a mechanism for crisis monitoring and evaluation, the vast majority of the crisis is a symptom of the problem, but also by the evolution of crisis will have to appear the occurrence of a development process; finally, to a crisis plan, to predict the possible conditions, measures, procedures and research division should take the post crisis, develop brand crisis management with the planning and media communication channels.
In multiple stages of brand crisis, the floor enterprises only in order to meet the Brand Strategist, crisis, crisis. With this attitude, flooring enterprises can win long – term development in the fierce competition.

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