Borrow the green tile future tiles, consumers do not be blinded eyes

[] green trend become the need of social development, while some enterprises in the transformation to upgrade tiles, but in some opportunistic, under various green propaganda slogans, a variety of promotional information, in fact, these products are only simply to use make only superficial changes in consumer’s “ green ” heart to get out of the way but it is not false, their true strength, consumers in the purchase at the same time to open eyes, don’t be blinded by the green eyes.
“ green ” tile products are hard to distinguish
Under the trend of economic globalization, we all publicize environmental protection, maintain ecological balance, and advocate green consumption. Each country has implemented green plan to guide the consumption trend. In such a trend, with “ green environmental protection ” label tile products have become the object of consumer first pursuit.
However, when the “ green ” become a consumer trend and fashion, some tile enterprises will chase profits, and this will inevitably lead to the products of ceramic tile industry market disorder dragons and fishes jumbled together. Many ceramic tile businesses in order to allow products to sell out, but also lose no time to put all kinds of green product certification, quality inspection reports placed in front of consumers, so that consumers believe. But in fact, many tiles business is only under the banner of “ green environmental protection ” banner to sell products, products have not really met the green environmental standards. For consumers, they are difficult to distinguish “ environmental protection green ” tile products true and false, and therefore dare not buy at will.
Consumers buy tiles products need to be cautious
In our country has not yet been perfect green environmental standards identified circumstances, consumers need “ eyes wide ” carefully identified. Nowadays, the external environment is becoming worse and worse, more and more people begin to pursue indoor health, and to achieve indoor safety and health, of course, is the study, promotion and use of green home. However, throughout the moment, green tile brand, but consumers also can not help thinking, these are “ green dye ” tile products really tricky? Is not the drift “ green ”?
Therefore, consumers before buying, you can first collect relevant knowledge online, tile products have a basic understanding, so that when buying, will not easily be deceived by businesses. At the same time, the entire household building materials industry should strengthen self-discipline awareness, improve technological innovation awareness, and guide the industry in a good and orderly development, to provide people with a truly green products.

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