“Bloody Bo kill” white-hot, lighting brand where the spring?

Recently, NVC new brand Berkeley available in the industry caused by hot.
As the main lighting manufacturing enterprises, the transformation of the factory, from the “people” start, or from the “material” start, or from the product fundamentally, to explore the road of transformation? This issue from the lighting, lighting, electrical three
Plate, on how to find the industry’s “backbone” to share, and gradually lead to “single product champion” really connotation, through the interviews of many business executives, comprehensive thinking of the collision, to achieve the product “return, the name” of the final
Purpose, to the world issued a cry.
In recent years, to French, small American, new Chinese and modern simplicity as the representative of the lighting category gradually rise, and become the industry mainstream.
At the same time, the Chinese-style lights, “old-fashioned”, after the peak of the crystal lamp decline, the decline in American lights, etc., many lighting categories are different degrees of “retreat”, all kinds of lighting brands have gearing up, want to opponents “equally”
The market, “a cup of soup,” under the giant bar, Yan finished? Want to find vitality, the industry will bring the competitive pressure, lighting brand spring where? 1121998871211211211219982387

Industrial structure: integration trend, homogeneous
The industry price is on the rise, raw material prices and industrial competition, also depressed the market price, industry profit compression, lighting industry is facing an unprecedented “challenge.”…….. ..
Many brands of enterprises all the channels of power, Philips home 1.2 billion, 750 million home appliances, sunshine lighting 600 million, Op crystal 320 million, Mu Lin Sen home target of 1 billion this year … … lighting manufacturers average sales of 2000-3000 million, large
Part of the lighting brand into OEM manufacturing plant, the brand gradually “die”, plagued the development of the industry.
Many people have shown that, with the cost of labor, store money, management costs continue to rise, consumer purchasing power has declined, coupled with the impact of e-commerce, business operating pressure only increased unabated.. ?? ..
When the winter sound is endless, the new era to promote the manufacturers to display products to experience, situational changes, to promote creative single product lighting stores on behalf of enterprises such as the new special Li, Qilang, Jinda, Baohui, Hailing
, And so on, such as Huayi, wins the ball, huge ho, Kaiyuan, Fu Heng, green leopard, Fu Shi and other lighting brands have emerged, the industry chain is the beginning of the prototype, looking for the next tomorrow
Star “just around the corner.”

“price” melee, win or lose unpredictable

east wind, newspaper brass, afraid lighting price! Today, the market environment is not good, everyone says business is difficult, less meat and more monks, profits shrink, enterprises miserable.
Market transition to the critical point, the lighting price war in 2016 in the end “burn” which? Future price war may continue “bloody.”
Many companies only think about the current interests, to cater to consumers pay more attention to the psychological needs of the price, hit the price war, cut corners, poor quality, so that the whole industry into a “abnormal competition” whirlpool.
Lighting business to do so, either rich and powerful, the map is a monopoly market; either a short period of passive war, to protect both the market.
No matter what, are “kill the enemy one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred” approach.
“Difficulties, as long as the attention is not difficult; road path, only action has a way out.”
Industry insiders admitted that as the market continued to ferment, filled with loss and vision.
In the future, enterprises should become the main body of technological innovation decision-making, R & D investment, scientific research organization and achievement transformation, and should focus on the market segment and do their own characteristics. Although the price war still exists, more and more enterprises are becoming more and more
Attention to the return of products, including the whole industry, industry and industry between the joint, is the industry-wide efforts to solve the problem of “key points.”
More than the product warfare, channel warfare, service war, that in the end product quality is the conduct of the country, if a large number of inferior products to the market, resulting in end-user confidence in the lighting market, those who adhere to high quality, high stability of the production enterprises may
There is room for sustainable development.

market representation “popular style” modern lamp touted

fast-paced life, so popular modern style.
At present, the market lights are more popular with the European-style lights, Chinese-style lights more traditional and more popular trend, modern lights because of its own characteristics of the market continues to expand, such as the new special Li, Qi Lang, Song Wei, beautiful, Prewet and other enterprises
Release the brand appeal, the market expansion, staged modern lights “anti-attack” of the war.
With the industry channels sink, keep a second line, attack three or four lines, has become a first-tier cities in the establishment of a good brand awareness of the corporate strategy.
At present, Oupu, NVC, Song Wei, beautiful, Qingyi, Prewet, MacLough, macro crown store almost occupied the provincial city, the new special “whisper” brand has basically covered the provincial capital cities;
2016 Qi Lang to establish 100 in the country, “Qi Lang Yi Jia” store.
In addition, Song Wei lighting, the United States and other brands in the market also has good performance, the future is also towards the diversification and segmentation direction.


lantern brand how to survive?

1, channel strategy

★ in the traditional channels, the market should focus on the township, the rural market.
Enterprises can take “side strike” method, pay attention to strengthening the project channel promotion, in particular, can cooperate with the designer or design institute. 1121998871219911111219982387

enterprises can take “side strike” method,
Lamps and famous brands should be in the pricing of products fit township, rural market.
Lighting enterprises should vigorously develop the atmosphere, practical towns, rural exclusive positioning of products, to seize the huge market share.

★ in the electricity business channel, should actively layout, increase investment.
With the improvement of logistics and after-sales service enhancement, electric business channel will enter the mature period. In the next 5 to 10 years, with the improvement of logistics and after-sales service to enhance, electric business channel will enter the mature period of 10,101,121,121,121,121,121,121,121,121,121,1219982387

From the Op, NVC, Philips and other large enterprise development can be seen, the future of lighting business channels will be linked to the line of online O2O trend of development.

2, product safety policy

★ product is the focus of most concern to consumers.
With the continuous improvement of living standards, product safety has become the key…….???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
It can become a driving force to guide the production and other aspects of the constraints.
Environmental protection, energy saving concept into the concern……………….. .Enterity of environmental protection, energy – saving concept into the point of concern.

★ environmental protection, energy saving concept into a concern.
With the continuous improvement of living standards, we in advertising, you can often see the major brands of light to play the banner of environmental health.
Therefore, environmentally friendly products will be favored by the market.

3, market diversification strategy

★, lamps, furniture, jewelry triple.

will be made of lamps and lanterns, furniture, jewelry integrated shop, in the store layout highlights the scene, guests will be able to feel the sections of the lighting taste and culture.
In addition, furniture and jewelry can also be sold, from which profit.

★ contraction front, store change monopoly area.
If the brand insists on single-store business model, in order to ensure single-store profit, the most effective way is the same product diversification and diversification.
You can also choose to store the store into a monopoly area or compound store mode to operate, can greatly reduce the risk against high prices.

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