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Wallpaper, because of its fashion and diversity, gradually become the new darling of the decoration industry, more and more people choose wallpaper to decorate the walls of the house. But for a long time, if you do not pay attention to routine maintenance, all sorts of problems will be exposed: wallpaper upturned, yellow, blistering, damaged… So, how to deal with these conditions? What problems should we pay attention to in the daily maintenance of wallpaper?

Wallpaper common problems and maintenance coup

Problem 1: wallpaper up

Wallpaper corners always like different degrees of tilt, press and can not go down, dedicated to bonding, seems to listen to time-consuming effort. What is the cause of this?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of cases: side angle lifting and middle drum lifting. The corner warped a reason is the process problem, should put in the joint plane and not in the corner when Yang wallpaper, if the seams in Yang angle, collision and friction will occasionally cause warping; another reason is that the grassroots is not handled well, it will cause damp and falling edge qiqiao.

The drum is mostly because of manual gluing is not uniform, the wallpaper left a small amount of air, the summer air expands, produce bump; and damp walls have bulging phenomenon is more prominent in the bathroom shower wall waterproofing is not good, the other side of the wall wallpaper base damp bulge appears.

Maintenance coup: if the wallpaper base off, you can use the dryer blow dry the wall, with wallpaper glue coated, flat can. If the wall putty layer off, we must first repair putty layer. With a drum, it is best to find an empty needle puncture, poke drum bag to drain the air, and then poured on the wallpaper glue from the original play into the hole, you can die.

If it is the bathroom wall on the other side of the wallpaper with damp drum or lifting, it is necessary to ask professionals to re wall waterproof, to solve the problem of moisture.

Question two: wallpaper yellow

Wallpaper yellowing treatment methods generally have the following three kinds:

1, if at the time when the wall has not yet dry ash or wallpaper, wall is ash alkaline material and wallpaper easy happened at the end of the chemical reaction, the surface appears yellow, this phenomenon is difficult to deal with the wall removed, re construction;

2, if the yellowing phenomenon of living a few years later, the majority is because the paper by the sunshine and air contact due to aging, then you can use “ bleaching water ” dip on the towel to wipe, half an hour after the re-use of water to wipe it again, do first a small shelter on the wall were tested to observe the effect of if they do, the effect is ideal for all available wall treatment;

3, if the smoke and the yellow, suitable to dilute caustic wipe.

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