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Bathroom is our daily life of private space, a comfortable and exquisite bathroom can make our bathroom life more quality. We can make use of bathroom tile color collocation, build a chic, elegant bathroom space. In the bathroom tile decoration, although only plays a role in the bathroom tile color collocation, collocation, will be related to the overall visual effect of the toilet, so how to use tile color collocation to create a unique and exquisite bathroom space? Bathroom tile color how to choose, will be Guan Jian’s place. Bathroom tile color collocation is also exquisite! Here I will teach you some of the bathroom tile color selection, and bathroom tile color matching basic principles, and I hope to help you.

Bathroom tile color how to choose?

The color should not be too complicated, so as to avoid the chaos of &rdquo “

Bathroom tiles color and bathroom three pieces of color match, so as to show a good overall effect. Generally speaking, the color selection of three pieces of sanitary ware is consistent, and the color of a room is best not more than three kinds, otherwise it is easy to make people feel dizzy.

Bathroom tile color and overall color complement each other

If three pieces of sanitary ware color is dark, tile color can choose light color or similar color collocation; if three pieces of sanitary ware is a light colored cold tone color, so color tile best choose dark or light warm color collocation.

White classics, never ending

White at any time, any place will make the main color, white tiles used for toilet decoration, never outdated, in line with any aesthetic requirements of the crowd. White tiles give people a clean, hygienic and bright feeling. These are the standards that have always been pursued by toilets.

The size of the area is different, and the color choices are different

Because the bathroom area are relatively small, easy to give people the feeling of depression, so when selecting the bathroom tiles, should try to choose bright color tiles, white and yellow milk is generally a better choice, and gray, blue, red and other colors of the tiles are should be avoided. Because the dark tile makes people feel smaller space, more make the room appears dark and narrow.

Bathroom tile color matching principle

1., bathroom tile color matching basic principles

(1) collocation of dark and light, such as black and white, deep and shallow, dark green and gray collocation can be used;

(2) collocation of similar colors, such as yellow and green, red and purple, red and orange, orange and yellow;

(3) contrast colors such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white;

(4) without color and color, black, white, gold, silver and ash are called non-polar colors. They can be matched with any color;

(5) match the same color, such as light yellow and deep yellow, black and gray collocation;

(6) the collocation of cool colors and warm colors, and the relationship between warm and cold colors depend on contrast. They are produced by people’s natural life experiences, and they are also very distinctive.

2. bathroom tile color collocation form principle

(1) big and small collocation, in the area of size contrast in pursuit of balance;

(2) long and short collocation, difference in Datong, change in contrast;

(3) the collocation of square and circle, the collocation of form and ornament can achieve the coordination effect of large area and avoid monotony;

(4) collocation of points and surfaces, combination of points and surfaces, can avoid the simple and boring on the shop.

The first step in choosing bathroom tiles is to know what specs the bathroom tiles have. To determine the size of the bathroom tiles also affect the color of the bathroom tile selection is a very important link, not only related to the bathroom decoration style, but also for the bathroom days after the use of comfort has great effect. Xiaobian key to introduce the common bathroom tile size and selection of points.

What is the most popular color of bathroom tiles?

In fact, this problem is mainly personal preference. General bathroom tiles are white color, you can choose that kind of texture, there are some patterns. Toilet wall tiles are generally selected light colored, this will feel relatively clean. The collocation of cool colors and warm colors, the relationship between warm and cold colors is based on contrast, produced by people’s natural life experience, and is also very distinctive.

Bathroom tile colors, first of all, may be based on the overall style of the bathroom to choose, followed by their favorite colors. However, for most small family now, the bathroom tile color is best to choose light colored tiles, do not choose black or dark. A light color reflects light from the light and makes the bathroom look more spacious and bright.

编辑总结:以上就是Bathroom tile color how to choose? 卫生间瓷砖颜色搭配的基本原则的相关介绍,随着社会的发展与人们生活水平的提高,卫生间瓷砖颜色如何搭配其市面的方案有许许多多,当然因每个人的审美要求不同,在此所搜集的相关资料也仅供大家作为参考资料。

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