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Toilet is toilet, bathroom, bath pool collectively. The bathroom in the house is usually divided into private and public. Dedicated only to the master bedroom; communal with public walkways; shared by other family members and guests. According to the layout, they can be divided into three types: independent, dual-purpose and eclectic. According to the form, they can be divided into semi open type, open type and closed type. At present, it is popular to distinguish the semi open from dry and wet zones. Well, what kind of glass is good for the bathroom door? Generally speaking, for the installation of the interior door of our bathroom, we choose the glass door. A main function of the glass door is in the bathroom is to play a role in the partition, while explaining what the bathroom door glass, bathroom glass door while enjoying the installation effect, hoping to bring you a reference value!

What glass is used in the bathroom door?

First, the characteristics of toilet doors:

1. moisture resistance and deformation resistance.

2. permeability and privacy.

3., because of the location problems, many times it is difficult to open the door.

Two, bathroom door of the ten brands:

1., Emperor Joe shower room (shower room ten brands, one of the earliest shower room brand), Guangzhou city emperor Joe Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

2. ideal shower room (shower room ten brands, professional brand, Foshan ideal bathroom Co., Ltd.)

3. Maple shower room (shower room ten big brands, founded in Vancouver, Canada, Wuxi \/ Zhongshan)

4. free shower room (shower room ten brands, Zhongshan City Furui sanitary equipment Co. Ltd.)

5. 、 Zhongshan ALLY sanitary ware (ALLY shower room, Zhongshan ALLY Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

6., Lisa, ROSERY (specializing in the production of quality shower room, Zhongshan port town, Lisa sanitary ware factory)

7., Appollo, Appollo (China famous brand, Guangdong brand, shower room ten brands, Guangzhou)

8. Arrow ARROW (shower room ten brands, Leroy ceramics under the flag of Chinese famous brands \/ brand)

9. Kohler (shower room shower room ten brands, in 1873 the United States, the world famous brand bathroom)

10., Orans Orans (Shanghai brand, shower room ten brands, Shanghai Vinas Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

Three, bathroom door buying skills:

Bathroom door buying skills

We must first home toilet area size, if smaller, in order not to let our bathroom have a great sense of oppression, we must as far as possible to make room for the bathroom, this is the most effective way is when we choose the best choice of sliding door, sliding door if we choose to be sure to select rail sliding door is very good, so we can effectively reduce the day after the trouble.

Bathroom door buying skills two

Of course, if your toilet has a large enough area, we won’t have to save a space, then we can choose the open style and good sealing performance, this kind of door can provide more choices for consumers, today we are going to talk about the bathroom door is mainly aimed at the door.

Bathroom door buying skills three

The door opened the door after a good choice, we should start from the door of the material, the whole family in general the bathroom is the most humid place, so we in the choice of material must take into account this, currently on the market there is a steel door, and the price is very cheap many small restaurants, to the bathroom door with the door.

Bathroom door buying skills four

Although the steel door can be used to do the bathroom door, but the other is not very good, so most of the family decoration is love choice Aluminum Alloy door, it still has good moisture resistance, and moderate price, style and color is more rich, to meet the low-end consumer groups.

Bathroom door buying skills five

For many high levels of consumer groups, the appearance of the two door is far less than their requirements, therefore, they will choose the wood door to the bathroom door, so the more with their decoration style match, when choosing this kind of door, we must choose the line with wood or wood, the relative moisture of completely real wood is better.

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