Bathroom ceiling materials to choose what kind of 0?

Bathroom ceiling materials to choose what kind of? After buying a new house will be thinking about decoration, then the bathroom decoration is to pay great attention to, then the bathroom ceiling materials to choose what kind of? This is the issue of non production concern, and then the family network Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the bathroom ceiling materials to choose what kind of bar, followed by Xiaobian look down.

First, the PVC ceiling. PVC ceiling to PVC as raw material, after processing, with light weight, easy installation, waterproof, moisture-proof, moth resistant and so on. Its surface color patterns change more, and has the resistance to pollution, easy to clean and other good performance. In addition, the cost of this material is low, suitable for bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other space ceiling materials. As we all know, bathroom is a relatively large flow of water, then choose PVC material ceiling is very good, and this is also a lot of people will choose PVC ceiling reasons.

Secondly, gypsum board. This material is the ceiling has beautiful appearance, suitable for all kinds of decoration style, because we all know that every family decoration style is not the same, so that the gypsum board ceiling material is very good. This is also a lot of people will choose gypsum board ceiling reasons. However, this material is not exposed outside and is not suitable for direct immersion in water.

Third, sauna board. Sauna board is a wood, dedicated to the sauna room is easy to install, generally after degreasing, high temperature resistance, no deformation, health, environmental protection and other features, even if the long-term immersion in water will not rot. For bathroom, it is best to apply a layer of paint on the surface. Bathrooms such rooms decoration, installation ceiling will be a very good choice, and the price is not very expensive, it is very good. Each family can afford, so the sauna board is the first choice for the decoration of the bathroom ceiling.

The bathroom ceiling materials to choose what kind of? All of the above is the Qijia network Xiaobian summary, I believe we have seen after will have a certain understanding, so that everyone in the decoration of the house will know what material, it can save a lot of time. If you do not know what you can, we can look at the family website, here are all home improvement side of knowledge, I believe we will find their own knowledge.

Bathroom ceiling material

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