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Bathroom cabinet is an indispensable component of bathroom. It integrates washing function, dressing table function, storage function and so on. It provides great convenience for people’s daily life. In the process of choosing bathroom cabinets, material selection is an important part. What kind of bathroom cabinet material is good? At present, relatively common bathroom cabinets on the market are made of solid wood, ceramics, PVC, paste veneer and stainless steel five kinds. Want to make their bathroom stand out from the low-key, in addition to the other rooms and reflect the decoration, a good bathroom cabinet is indispensable. Facing the market of bathroom cabinet products, consumers have different choice problems. Here we simply to understand the bathroom cabinet material, which kind of bar?!

What’s good about the bathroom cabinet?

Solid wood bathroom cabinet:

With solid wood as the main substrate, waterproof, environmental protection paint spray treatment, formaldehyde emission is lower, but also more durable.

Advantages: environmental health, natural charm, elegant, fully reflect the owner’s Home Furnishing grade and dignity.

Disadvantages: expensive. At the same time, if the environment is very dry, it is easy to dry and crack, so the maintenance of wet cotton cloth is often wiped.

Ceramic bathroom cabinet:

The ceramic body which is directly fired according to the mold is a cabinet body, and the table surface is also ceramic.

Advantages: easy to take care of, can fully reflect the owner clean and lively rhythm.

Disadvantages: ceramic is fragile, if there is a heavy impact, it is easy to damage.

Class PVC bathroom cabinet

Using PVC as the plastic panel, after hot pressing in vacuum adsorption in density board or moisture-proof board, moisture-proof plate for curing moisture particles, plastic sheet can be sucked into one, no edge, with excellent waterproof performance.

Advantages: rich colors, high temperature resistance, anti scratch, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: resistance to chemical corrosion is not high.

Bathroom cabinet:

Solid wood or MDF as the base material, the use of solid wood skin board after the whole paste, surface brush with waterproof paint. MDF is a man-made board made of wood raw material and then pulverized into powder.

Advantages: natural, relatively low price of solid wood bathroom cabinet.

Disadvantages: because of the different wood types of the base material and the real wood veneer, the phenomenon of cracking is easy to occur due to the influence of the bonding process and bonding material, which affects the waterproof effect.

Stainless steel bathroom cabinet:

The use of high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials, processed by a number of processes.

Advantages: good stainless steel bathroom cabinet, waterproof performance is good, durable, environmental protection, moisture-proof, mildew and rust prevention, diverse styles, unique design.

Disadvantages: limited by the material, the cabinet is thin, practical is not strong. At the same time easy to leave traces of soap and shampoo, stainless steel is easy to darken, lose the original luster.

Standard size of bathroom cabinet

According to market statistics survey, at present, the normal bathroom cabinets in the market are in the height of 80–85cm (including the height of the basin). The most common standard size most of the bathroom cabinet is long (including cabinet included) is 800mm ~ 1000mm, width (wall distance) is 450mm ~ 500mm.

In fact, the bathroom cabinet size can also according to the actual demand directly to the manufacturers for product customization, bathroom cabinet, the size of nearly the same, especially the height and width of the bathroom cabinet is rich, such as a small bathroom, then you can only put the basin, there is a wall mounted pot that is not only beautiful, but do not take place, about 500mm long. Bathroom cabinet size, in addition to several commonly used, there are 1200mm long, some styles plus cabinets, and its length can even reach 1600mm.

Bathroom cabinet mounting dimensions

Install the bathroom cabinet, then one of the key principles for the installation of bathroom cabinet size, that is according to the owner’s height adjustment, generally speaking, from the ground to the upper edge of the basin at the height of 80 to about 85cm. In other words, the general bathroom cabinet installation size is: cabinet surface from the ground distance is 80cm ~ 85CM, the actual size of the actual person to stand in front of the bathroom cabinet, head in the middle of the mirror is the most appropriate. The cabinet is usually installed in the middle position of the main cabinet, on both sides of the indentation of 50 ~ 100mm, height of about 250CM.

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