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I believe many people have encountered the sewer blockage, and high pressure cleaning machine area pipeline can be connected pipeline dredge pipe into the pipeline internal wall cleaning, after cleaning is very smooth, unlike the traditional pipeline dredging machine just drill a hole, here we have to introduce: small high pressure cleaning machine and high pressure pipeline note the use of cleaning machine.

District pipeline high-pressure cleaning machine:

High precision of crankshaft pump, ceramic plunger, powerful low-speed motor, pressure regulating system, double pressure switch, TSI intelligent control, water filtration system, high density of heavy duty tire reinforcement steel structure, 10 meters high 1 meters long hose, a fan-shaped nozzle.

Points for attention of high pressure pipeline dredge:

1: check before the machine starts


检查lubrication油是否满足使用,不满足应及时添加机油(油位应在油窗的一半位置)使用SAE 30型或有相同特性的lubrication油, 第一次: 50小时以后更换,以后: 每500小时更换。


The power must be 380V power supply, the voltage can not be too low or too high, the wiring must be grounded, so as to avoid the motor leakage when there is a good protection role, power end for the engine: 92 unleaded gasoline must be added.

Note: diesel engines choose different types of diesel according to their temperature seasons.

Source of water

To ensure that the boot in case of water, so as to avoid high-pressure pump idling for a long time damage.

Warning: operate high pressure pumps in excess of 30 seconds without water.



Editor summary: residential high pressure cleaning machines and high-pressure cleaning machine use notes on the introduction here, I hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to Qijia network.

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