Application advantages of modular uninterruptible power supply

The progress of science and technology has brought great convenience to our life, especially the emergence of the computer,which has brought a lot of changes to our work and life.Now ,if you can’t use the computer that is a modern feel shy in twenty-first Century, computer at work also occupy an important position, just now, banks, hospitals, they have a data center system, all the information will be stored in there. This information is very important, once the loss or loss is very serious, so we are careful to maintain a variety of ways. We all know that the computer is most afraid of failure, but very serious consequences for this phenomenon, HUAWEI developed a modular uninterruptible power supply, in a fault condition can be determined by the users online maintenance, greatly enhance the system availability.

Because of the importance of data, so we have a higher demand for modular uninterruptible power supply. HUAWEI modular uninterruptible power supply module with a fully redundant design, without any single point of failure, in the event of failure of key components will be reminded to prevent the expansion of the fault. Greatly improve the user’s security.

There are many applications in the field of uninterrupted power supply, such as communication system, financial system, industrial automation system, Internet data center, multimedia data center and other important load systems. Reliability, HUAWEI modular UPS efficiency be recognized when in use, reliable products can reduce a lot of problems, its efficiency can reach 95% at 20% load, 40% load can reach 96% and more, data center real business scenarios. Can provide users with more reliable, flexible and efficient power supply protection.

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