Appeal out of the unspoken rules Yongkang standard electric car “battery three packs” interpretation

together with the complaint, pull out an electric car industry’s “unspoken rules” & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; electric car battery & ldquo; year replacement & rdquo; commitment “shrinking & rdquo ;.
November 4, Yongkang Trade and Industry Bureau 12315 specifically on this release “three packs of tips” and “norms of the city’s electric car industry” battery pack “ralph lauren pas cher,
This year New Year ‘s Day, Xiong in Yongkang City, a store to buy an electric car….. ?? |
September 25, the car battery quality problems, the store for him to be replaced.
October 30, there have been the same problem, Xiong Mou found the store was replaced by the old battery.
Back to the car, the store promised, the battery quality problems one year Baohuan (in the car certificate on the note), he dialed the consumer rights hotline 12315.

In this regard, the store’s explanation is that the electric car battery & ldquo;
In the first half of the year for the new battery, after half a year for the “maintenance of battery”, said that this is the domestic electric car industry, “rules and regulations” and “rdquo;

asked the basis, the store first produced the electric car manufacturer’s “three packs of rules and then” and then provide a trade association “electric power car with sealed lead-acid battery service standard” and “rdquo ;.
But the store admitted that the customer did not inform the manufacturers in advance of the “three packs of rules” and customers have not asked.
1185, is not the case of the suspects, the store so explained, so “three bags” and the alleged illegal….

The electric car warranty card is only printed with “three packs” provisions: “battery within a year to find product quality problems to be replaced” and no “one year replacement & rdquo; refers to the first half of the year
New battery, the second half of the maintenance of the battery “and the like; this sentence is the store to the customer to make a written” three packs “commitment, the parties are legally binding.

11 on the 4th, by the 12315 mediation, the store eventually agreed to continue to replace the “battery maintenance” way, the car battery replacement period from the original agreement extended to 14 months, but the customer insisted that the
Shop to replace the new battery, Yongkang Trade and Industry Bureau helpless termination of mediation.

specification EV & ldquo; three packs of batteries & rdquo; according to interpretation

Yongkang Industry 12315 specially published & ldquo; & rdquo ;, three packs prompted the city to the electric car industry & ldquo; three packs of batteries & rdquo; interpretation of the specification as follows.

First, “maintenance battery” ralph lauren pas cher, difficult to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
Consumers to deal with electric vehicles after the sale of three bags, to pay special attention to prevent manufacturers “battery one year replacement & rdquo; commitment may exist in the tricky, to promote the parties in advance to expressly agreed in writing, so as not to explain the parties afterwards,
Year three packs “discount shrink” rdquo ;.

Second, the battery year replacement & rdquo; commitment to be careful.
Electric car manufacturers to explain their three packs must be careful, to be clear, and to inform consumers in advance; higher than the province of the current three packs of the standard “battery year replacement”, not promise has been a promise daughter.
It is understood that from March 15 this year, electric power bike products, has been included in the province’s first three bags of the directory, the vehicle’s three packs of the period is one year, the battery pack is three months of the three packs.

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