Analysis of domestic ceramics market

] concentrated in Western Europe, Britain, Germany, Italy, France and other countries. Ceramics industry is labor-intensive industries, developed countries and regions in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the international market, and continuously adjust the industrial structure, the industrial production to capital intensive and technology intensive industries and labor-intensive products are constantly transferred to the low labor cost countries and regions. The market mainly has the following characteristics:
1., the market competition is becoming hotter and hotter
According to the reporter’s understanding, in recent years as emerging ceramics production in developing countries and the rise of domestic ceramics production increased substantially, the total output of the world ceramics increased significantly, the international ceramics market competition is more intense, has reached the white hot “ ” degree. As far as domestic ceramics are concerned, the total demand growth of the world is far lower than the growth of total output.
The total output of ceramics for daily use has increased by more than ten percentage points over the past few years, and the total demand for ceramics for daily use will grow by seven points in the coming years. Therefore, the daily ceramics market is very competitive for the national ceramics industry.
2., market demand, high-grade, artistic
International daily ceramics market is weak, oversupply, but special, excellent, new and refined products are still in short supply. As far as our country is concerned, the average annual demand for high-grade ceramics for daily use is about 200-300 pieces. The day before, with a fierce competition, medium and low-grade products is no longer the main body of market competition, international ceramics production country is also the focus to high-grade daily-use ceramic products have great benefits and competitive potential. The future of international daily-use ceramics market, art will become a major feature of the consumer market, art daily-use ceramics products will be generally welcomed.
3., market demand diversification, personalization
Consumers because of the living level, cultural background, art appreciation and the degree of different demand for products will be different, therefore, the production and sale of a single market variety is very difficult to meet the needs of different consumers. According to the forecast, the future international ceramics market will undergo a series of changes, its main features in high quality, full function, color, style novel, that is say, products towards the trend of diversification. In the international daily-use ceramics market, the products are facing diversified development, but also in another direction, &mdash, &mdash, personalized direction.
Personalized products are more and more popular and welcomed, and personalized products only have a large market space. Therefore, the daily-use ceramic products from various countries are changing from mass to personalized. For example, the shape and color of Japan has exquisite beyond compare ceramics romantic of the world-famous, reflect the delicate beauty of Japanese.

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