A Survey of Mineral Resources in Lishi City, Shanxi Province

The stone is located in the west of Shanxi Province and west of the middle section of the Luliang Mountains. It is located at 37 ° 21 ‘~ 37 ° 42’ north latitude and 110 ° 55 ‘~ 111 ° 35’ east longitude.
The total area of ​​1324 square kilometers, of which 12 square kilometers of urban area, from the city is located in the hinterland of the southwest of the Dongchuan River, Beichuan River Interchange, 920 ~ 940 meters above sea level.
East to Dongchuan over Xuegong Ling Da Fenyang, 81 kilometers away from Fenyang City; Northeast by the small Dongchuan turn Lvliang Mountain is Wenshui, Jiaocheng two counties, 112 kilometers away from Wenshui County, 131 kilometers of Jiaocheng County; north
The northwest by the Sanchuan River through Liulin County, 30 kilometers away from the town of Liu Lin; southeast by the Nanking through the sun in the south of the county,
County, 26 kilometers away from Zhongyang County.
From the provincial capital of Taiyuan 189 km, 720 km from the capital Beijing.
From the nearest airport – Taiyuan Airport 200 km, from the nearest harbor – Tianjin Port 800 km.

Limestone area within the geological characteristics of the formation of a variety of minerals, the current preliminary discovery and proven the main minerals are: coal, bauxite, iron ore, aluminum zinc, copper, germanium, rare earth and limestone, dolomite
, Fluorite, asbestos, potassium feldspar, gypsum, graphite, high alumina clay and so on.
Has proven coal area of ​​300 square kilometers, accounting for 38.2% of the Liu mining area, geological reserves of 3.1 billion tons, accounting for 40.26% of the total reserves of the mine, of which 648 million tons of coking coal.
2 #, 6 #, 8 #, 9 #, 10 #, of which 4 # for the coking coal, coal ash below 10%, sulfur 0.6
% Of the following, is the shortage of domestic and international markets, Chinese and foreign experts as “national treasure.”
Dolomite reserves of 2.25 billion tons; marble storage area of ​​30 square kilometers, the thickness of 250 meters to 300 meters; quartz reserves of more than 200 million tons; limestone, asbestos, zeolite, white feldspar, fluorite, mica, crystal stone reserves,
Broad prospects for development.

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