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With the improvement of the quality of life, it is a complicated thing to choose a toilet that suits one’s own needs. How to choose the toilet has become a concern for people. Next, Xiaobian to elaborate on how to choose the toilet Let’s take a look at it.

How do I choose the toilet? The seven step, teach bathroom renovation skills, 80 bathroom decoration toilet, buy knowledge

1, caliber: large caliber sewage pipe, and the internal surface glazing, not easy to hang dirty, sewage rapid and effective, effective prevention of congestion. Test method, put the whole hand into the toilet mouth, generally can have a palm capacity is the best.

2, water tank: toilet water tank Water Leakage in addition to the obvious drop of sound can be concluded, the general is not easy to find a simple way is to check the water tank of the toilet drops of blue ink, see the toilet water. Stir at no blue water, such as the toilet has Water Leakage place. To remind you, the best choice of high water tank, so that the momentum is very good. (Note: the water flushing volume below 6 liters can be classified as water-saving toilet.

3, water parts: water directly determines the service life of the toilet. Water quality brand toilet and common toilet are quite different, because almost everyone had no water tank bitter, so choose the toilet when do not ignore the water this link, the identification method is to listen to the sound of tinkling sound button for the best.

4, weight: the more heavy toilet, the better, ordinary toilet weight in about 50 pounds, good toilet about 100 pounds. The weight of the toilet is large and the quality is better. A simple test method: hand pick up the weight toilet water tank cover, it can be a weigh weight.

5, water outlet: Toilet bottom drain hole is best one, now many brands of sewage holes are 2-3 (according to different caliber), but the more the sewage hole, the more impact momentum. The water outlet of the toilet has the points of water drainage and horizontal drainage. It is necessary to measure the distance from the center of the lower water outlet to the wall behind the water tank, and buy the same type of toilet for &ldquo. The seat is seated at the distance, otherwise the toilet can not be installed. Is equal to the height of horizontal drainage outlet sit toilet and horizontal nozzle, the best slightly, in order to ensure the sewage free, 30 cm in the water closet: 20 to 25 cm for water closet; at a distance of 40 cm above the former water closet. There is a slight error in the model and the water is not free.

6, glaze: pay attention to the toilet glazed, good quality toilet, its glaze should be smooth, smooth, no foam, color saturation. After testing the surface of the glazed surface, it should also touch the toilet drain, if rough, then easy to cause hanging.

7, flush: from a practical point of view, the toilet should first have the basic function of scouring thoroughly. Therefore, the flushing method is very important, and the toilet flushing is divided into straight, rotary siphon, whirlpool siphon and jet siphon. Pay attention to the choice of different drainage methods: the toilet can be divided into &ldquo according to the way of launching; falling down type ” “ siphon down type ” and “ siphon vortex ” and so on. Impact type and siphon drop type water injection amount about 6 liters, sewage capacity is strong, just flush when the sound is big; and whirlpool type of water consumption is large, but there is a good mute effect. Consumers may wish to try straight suction siphon toilet, it has both straight and siphon advantages, both to quickly wash dirt, water can also play a role.


1, should choose moderate storage of water closet, water storage is too high will splash the buttocks, water storage is too low, easy to run flavor.

2, after the toilet installation is completed, you should try the flushing effect in the first time. The best way is to find a cigarette butt and throw it in. It can be washed down at once, and the sound is not big. It shows that the installation is no problem.

The 3 general election, the sewage pipe toilet flushing and buildings, such as old buildings, pipeline “ S”, recommended into the toilet, if the new building will not matter, but the best selection of siphon, good deodorization effect.

The above on how to choose the toilet, simply introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.


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