2017 – 2021 European transmission and distribution equipment market will increase by 3.55%

According to Technavio released the latest market research report, 2017-2021, the European transmission and distribution equipment market is expected to 3.55% compound annual growth rate of growth in the United States, according to the latest market research report released by Technavio

According to Technavio released the latest market research report.

Technavio Electric Power Research analyst Thanikachalam
Chandrasekaran explains: “As the EU renewable energy surge, power transmission and distribution equipment investment is expected to grow.”

Chandrasekaran added: “Wind power, particularly from the North Sea offshore wind turbines, will
The need for different types of transmission and distribution equipment, including switching equipment, control equipment, power cables, power transformers and distribution transformers .

research and analysis report will be the European transmission and distribution equipment market is divided into three categories: power cables, transformers, switches
equipment .

largest share of power cables

power cable transmission and distribution equipment accounted for the European market. this is mainly due to the large number of large-scale renewable energy generation and power grid interconnection between the countries of the region .

grid interconnection project to create an integrated
Energy markets and the strengthening of energy supply security in which the high load of electricity will shift from one European country to another, pushing the demand for power cables in the region.

“Europe is the global leader in offshore wind power generation.
The wind farm is a few miles from the grid and requires long distance power transmission, which drives the region’s demand for power cables.
The main markets for European transformers include Germany, France and the UK. Renewable energy has been established and fully implemented in Europe. Over the past 10 years, European public utility companies have adopted wind, solar,
other forms of renewable energy .

in addition, since the region clearly defined transmission and distribution infrastructure, the transformer market is expected to witness steady growth .Technavio expected that most demand from the renovation market activity .

demand switchgear

switchgear by the European
The region’s growing urbanization and industrialization drive. Consumers need reliable, uninterrupted power supply to run a variety of everyday electrical and electronic equipment. Through the normal operation of the grid to ensure the reliability of such equipment .

switch equipment not only installed in
Power facilities, and installed in a variety of industrial and commercial equipment.Therefore, the market is expected to grow at a strong growth rate .

Technavio energy market research analysts pointed out that the European transmission and distribution equipment market, the main suppliers are: ABB,
Cable, Nexans, Prysmian, Siemens .

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