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Taiho, from Taiwan, 1992 to enter the mainland China, which owns Dongguan Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Chemical Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Dabao paint Limited by Share Ltd, Dongguan Dabao Furniture Co. Ltd. and other 7 companies, is a set of paint production and sales of large-scale complex enterprises. Taiho in the coating industry can be said to be well-known, no matter from the brand or quality, environmental protection has been favored by consumers. In order to help us to further understand the price of Taiho, for everybody below I sort out the 2015 Taiho latest price list, I believe we have seen the following Taiho price list, will you purchase help oh!


Taiho is a joint venture between Taiwan and Japan, which belongs to Dongguan Dabao chemical products Co., ltd.. Taiho is produced on the basis of Taiwan Dabao paint. It adopts the high-tech connotation of Japan and creates a professional product style, mainly engaged in the manufacture of paints and coatings. All products of the company have obtained ISO14025 international standard certificate of environment mark.

Taiho brand

Dabao International Group under the enterprise research and development, production and sale of Taiho, is building materials, coatings, paint industry, “Chu Heng.”. Taiho products tend to the high-end market, with its high quality market positioning, by the relevant market hot pursuit. Dabao wooden furniture in the industry, known for its superior quality, is the high-end furniture products paint leading enterprises. The main products of Dabao wooden coatings are PU, PE and NC coatings. Because of their excellent properties, Taiho has become a byword for high-grade wood coatings.

How about Taiho?

1., Taiho’s strength

Taiho is Guangdong Dongguan Dabao chemical products Co., Ltd. products. This is a joint venture between Taiwan and Japan, which is a major research and development enterprise specializing in the manufacture of paints and coatings. So, from the brand Dabao and qualification is Huarun, Dulux and Nippon, belong to a grade. But its sales volume (market share) is slightly lower than the previous brands. Dabao passed all the national testing indicators, environmental protection is reliable.

2., Taiho’s product technology

Dabao chemical products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise which has important influence in coating industry. In the production technology and technology, adhering to the “Taiwan Dabao coating class”, “Japan Dabao chemical” profound technical connotation and pragmatic, professional product style. As a global furniture, paint industry, painting process, painting quality of the tide pioneer, Dabao to their positioning is: not for the best, but for the best.

3., Taiho protection

Taiho has always been the pursuit of standardization and scientific operation process, in 1999 passed the ISO9002 international quality certification system, and in 2001 for a comprehensive version, through the ISO9001\/2000 version of the international quality certification system. Dabao always regards environmental protection performance as a major index of the product, and always maintains the concept of sustainable development of a modern enterprise. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, users and our neighbors, and have obtained the “China type” environmental labeling and the “China type III environmental labeling” certification at the same time.

Taiho price reference

It is understood that the overall price and the market of Taiho Dulux, Maydos, three trees paint famous brand paint compared to the price a little cheaper, a bucket of Taiho average price of 150 yuan, the average price of paint package is about 400 yuan.

Dabao wall waterborne primer coating primer CWI-3510 \/5L price: $128 \/ barrel

This is the main component of the paint film, fillers, additives and water, diluted before use and no more than 20% of the construction of water regulation, and the need for uniform mixing, construction methods can be used to brush, roller coating, spray paint etc..

Dabao CRL-3161A light transparent varnish wood finish \/5kg price: RMB 328 \/ set

This is the Taiho Polyurethane Sanding resin key design woodworking coating with high transparency, transparency, drying and grinding are preferred; with high transparency, fast drying, grinding, good painting, thick coated transparent and brush coated film, flesh, coating according to the performance of strong wood telescopic compliance of coating adherence has many advantages of excellent etc..

2015 Taiho price list

Dabao wall waterborne primer coating primer CWI-3540 \/5L price: $138 \/ barrel

Dabao CWE-50012 wall latex paint, wall paint white Iran \/5L price: $158 \/ barrel

Wall latex paint CWS-50022 white gold 7+1 \/5L installed in the wall paint Dabao price: RMB 488 \/ barrel

Dabao CRL-5060A light wood finish \/5kg price: RMB 238 \/ set

The white house wall latex paint CWS-50012 Jie Li wall paint price: $\/5L in Dabao 278 yuan \/ barrel

Dabao CRE-3585A transparent wooden painting set \/16kg+14kg+8kg price: RMB 873 \/ set

Dabao wood finish CRL-6261A light high scratch PU finish \/5kg price: RMB 388 \/ set

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

Edit summary: 2015 above is the latest Taiho price list for the children to build related presentations, a safe environment for the growth of the last, want to tell consumers, many domestic high-grade furniture are the first choice of Taiho. It is, after all, a well-known brand in the country and trusted by the people. This article provides Taiho official website quotes, hoping to give you as a reference. Taiho good this problem, I hope you try to use this product when they put forward their own rationalization proposals, so that Taiho this product world-renowned, truly for the vast number of consumers.

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