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Ceramics are a comprehensive product of pottery and porcelain, which originated in the Shang dynasty. With the permeability and water absorption of the ceramic, it also has the characteristics of porcelain hardness and water leakage, and the material is cheaper. Using ordinary red clay, with a certain proportion of small gravel, the disc molding method, in the roulette wheel with jade tools carefully repair the fetus, after glazing, high temperature once firing. The ceramic of the Shang Dynasty solved the hardness problem of the matrix on the basis of the traditional pottery making, and made the ceramic and porcelain become one of the real ceramics. Today, the growing number of well-known ceramics brands, so that consumers have no choice. At present, the ceramic industry has developed abroad, and large and small brands want to enter the market, occupy a place. Well, how about the ranking of 2015 famous brands of Chinese ceramics? Ten well-known brands of ceramics, the latest ranking, so that consumers in the purchase of ceramics, to solve the problem of choice.

2015 Chinese ceramic brands ranking: bode Seiko tile

Chinese ceramic enterprises bode Seiko tiles, soon it was founded only in time, but is China top 500 most valuable brands. It is a customer satisfaction product in Guangdong province. It has been deeply rooted in the fashion, luxury and professional brand image. It has been honored as the brand of the global luxury list of luxury goods.

2015, China’s ceramic well-known brands ranked two: Dongpeng ceramics

Eastroc ceramics company located in the famous hometown of ceramic ceramic Dongpeng — Foshan Shiwan, won Chinese: manufacturing industry most of the growth of independent brands, China 500 most valuable brands, Chinese building ceramics industry iconic brand in Guangdong Province, the ten iconic brands, ten brands such as ceramic.

2015 Chinese ceramic brands ranked three: Marco Polo tile

Founded in 1988 500 with Chinese Marco Polo tile brand value, as the first domestic brand enterprises to occupy the market Marco Polo brand has enjoyed “ antique brick &rdquo Supreme Reputation. Famous brand of Guangdong province and famous brand of Chinese architectural ceramics.

2015 Chinese ceramic brands ranked four: Jinduo ceramics

Jinduo ceramics was founded in 1993 focus on light industry, domestic development is one of the earliest modern ceramic enterprises. With high quality and fast innovation, we have repeatedly won &ldquo, China’s famous brand products, China’s light industry, ceramic industry top ten enterprises, China Ceramics ten major brands, China’s environmental labeling products certification and other reputation.

2015 Chinese ceramic brands ranked five: Shun Hui tile

Founded in 1988, Shun Hui tile quality brand, service to create a market in the industry, and the domestic and foreign customers to establish a good reputation. In the industry are: Porcelain Kingdom, invisible champion reputation.

2015, China’s ceramic well-known brands ranked six: Special Ceramics

Guangdong Tidiy ceramics in 2011 within a year, Lu Yu won the most popular products, drill Designer Award, unique insights into article three awards, special ceramic products has been well received by the designer and rise above the common herd, individual consumers. Diamond grade products called tiles.

2015 Chinese ceramic brands ranked seven: Ceramic peeler

Guangdong Xinghui ceramic tile and global is the largest manufacturer of American Mohawk Industries Corporation, the strength of the company as can be imagined. &ldquo implementation of the company; new product strategy ” in the industry has “ new product research and development, promotion of fast ” said.

2015 Chinese ceramic brands ranked eight: Eagle ceramics

Founded in 1999, Guangdong Eagle ceramics, is currently the world’s largest building ceramics production, one of the most professional business enterprise. In the 50th anniversary exhibition of ceramic eagle was selected as the sole representative of the ceramics industry exhibition, and won national recognition.

2015, China’s well-known ceramic brands ranked nine: strong ceramics

As one of the strengths of the product innovation, strong ceramics, continuous innovation is the company’s life and ideas. It is located in China’s famous ceramic base, Guangdong, Foshan. With the scale advantages, production strength advantages, raw material advantages, innovative advantages, talent advantages, brand awareness advantages and other six major advantages of consumer favorite.

2015 Chinese ceramic brands ranked ten: xinruncheng ceramics

Guangdong xinruncheng ceramics is the second building sanitary ceramics “ ten ” the ceremony in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing were awarded ten brand &rdquo “ ceramics; honorary title, this is generally recognized by the industry and consumers of xinruncheng ceramics.

Editor’s summary: These are the 2015 China’s top ten well-known ceramic brand rankings analysis, feel the charm of ceramic art related presentations, hoping to help friends in this regard! In addition to the ten major brands of ceramics, there are many well-known brands in the ceramic industry, but only a reference way when we buy ceramics. For more information, please continue to focus on our website.

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