2015, coating industry five major trends

[involvement in real estate regulation, in 2014, China’s coatings market has developed slowly. 2015 has just begun, the paint industry has entered a fully equipped for state, is expected to achieve the breaking development in 2015. Many coatings companies and authorities have also begun to predict the overall development trend of this year and even in the next few years, providing strategic guidance for the development of coating enterprises. As a professional coating industry network platform, China’s new coating network in accordance with the development trend of coatings industry over the years predicted that in 2015 the coating industry will show five trends.
1., focus on brand building
In the paint brands compete pattern, has a little advance enterprises begin to focus on the consciousness of brand building, build own brand characteristics, enhance brand awareness. With the continuous promotion of the Internet, breaking through the traditional marketing thinking, focusing on network marketing coatings enterprises will also mushroomed across the industry.
These coatings enterprises will use the Internet and new media and other new means of brand building brand, covering the positive information in Baidu and other well-known brand promotion platform, is carried out by the Tencent, Sina and other authoritative media force, improve the audience of its cognitive force.
2. brand specialization
The brand is in the paint industry as the competition in the Red Sea, and the homogenization of serious, so that consumers at a loss. Influenced by homogenization, future enterprises will develop in a small and beautiful way, that is, do fine and make great progress first. Perhaps the current coating market is still in chaos, but many enterprises in homogenization “ break through ” on the road, will gradually realize the importance of brand specialization, the search for strength on the division.
3., value-added services
By the highly competitive coatings industry, the market demand for coating services will multiply. Under such circumstances, marketing companies, logistics and home improvement companies can inject more support into the coatings industry. Perhaps the coating giant can also incorporate it into its own business scope and assimilate it into value-added services. This may be a major trend in the future.
4., product environmental protection, energy saving and personalized customization
At present, although environmental protection, energy saving, personalized and other aspects of the industry by the concern, but the actual enterprise to do so little, most companies just take publicity. The most stringent environmental protection law has been implemented, environmental protection, energy conservation will be the next major trend. In addition, 80 and 90 gradually occupy the dominant position of society, and the demand for personalized products will increase, so customized products will also be a development trend.
5. low-end industry transfer
In the next few years, Southeast Asian countries will mainly undertake the transfer of China’s low-end paint manufacturing industry. However, due to the backward infrastructure, the shortage of skilled personnel, the lack of energy supply and the lack of industrial facilities, many countries, such as Southeast Asia, are unable to reach the prosperity of the door and window industry in the Pearl River delta. After near and geographically in the Pearl River Delta transfer a large number of low-end paint processing enterprises, the main business of the coating design and marketing mode will be changed, the formation of complementary industry and Southeast Asian countries, the future is expected to form a transnational industrial area in the relevant regional coatings.

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