2015, ceramic tile industry electricity supplier how to develop?

[] an industry development status quo, review are far sighted, the ceramic tile industry from 2014 began to go downhill since, now is not yet out of the fog, so how to tile industry prospects for 2015, will be the world of the Internet, electricity suppliers will prevail, so exactly how?
Electricity supplier will certainly change the traditional shopping mall sales methods, but for tiles, so far, the electricity supplier in the share is not large. Tile after all is 1.5 finished products, may be more after the entity store and electricity supplier combination, so, for the entire electricity supplier in the network sales will play a very big role in promoting.
Ceramic tile enterprises are mostly using sales model of the line of product sales, in addition to some enterprises small water and electricity provider platform in Taobao, the majority of enterprises can not be solved because the porcelain product distribution, design, installation, maintenance and other customer service service and not easily choose e-commerce channel upgrade, although want to tile brand development of electronic business platform, but not easily force that is mainly because they do not want to affect the traditional offline channels.
At present most of ceramic tile enterprises also maintained sales in traditional channels, with the development of mobile Internet, the future business model will give the traditional industry to bring more business opportunities, people found in the few electricity suppliers to make a transition tile enterprises in the future, will take the electricity supplier management model of ceramic tile, thinking of using the Internet sales of ceramic tile, remove the intermediate links, reduce costs for consumers. Do the real ceramic sales electricity supplier.
The electronic commerce is strong in today’s society is in doubt, the ceramic tile industry also had to consider and go on this road, driven by the big situation, many tile enterprises have to test the water electricity supplier, but it is the electricity supplier deep, what is good or bad for the ceramic tile industry is still it is difficult to judge, enterprises need to be cautious to tile.
In the background of the great era, ceramic enterprises to test the electricity supplier is both the only way, but also helpless election. Obviously, the popularity of the Internet provides a new opportunity for the economic take-off. In the new round of industry development, the Internet will appear as an important carrier in people’s field of vision. The rise of Internet e-commerce is the product of the development of the times, tile enterprises need to keep pace with the times, only follow the pace of the times, we can firmly grasp the direction of development.

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